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Ben Roberts-Smith feared media would ‘intercept’ phone calls, court told
Defamation 2021-06-16 5:54 pm By Miklos Bolza

Ben Roberts-Smith used burner phones to call SAS colleagues after growing fearful that members of the media were listening into his phone calls after a series of articles were published in 2018 that accused him of war crimes and domestic violence, a court has heard.

Roberts-Smith hired private investigator to check ex-partner had abortion, court hears
Defamation 2021-06-15 6:50 pm By Cindy Cameronne

Former SAS soldier Ben Roberts-Smith has told a court that he hired a private investigator to find out whether a woman who has accused him of domestic violence had an abortion and to obtain the home addresses of six SAS soldiers set to give evidence in his defamation trial.

Victoria Cross ‘put a target on my back’, Ben Roberts-Smith tells court
Defamation 2021-06-11 2:58 pm By Miklos Bolza

War veteran Ben Roberts-Smith has said that while he was proud to have received the Victoria Cross for his actions at the 2010 battle of Tizak in Afghanistan, winning the award “put a target” on his back, with fellow soldiers seeking to undermine those they saw as tall poppies.

Ben Roberts-Smith takes stand as court hears of cover up of six murders
Defamation 2021-06-10 2:32 pm By Cindy Cameronne

Ben Roberts-Smith took the stand on Thursday after publishers accused of defaming him detailed how the war veteran allegedly murdered six civilians and engaged in a cover up campaign, with the soldier saying he was “devastated” by the allegations.

‘Uncomfortable’ judge told Ben Roberts-Smith not in relationship with lawyer
Legal Ethics 2021-06-09 1:35 pm By Cindy Cameronne

News publisher Fairfax has been accused of attempts to intimidate Ben Roberts-Smith’s lawyer in contempt of court by publishing inaccurate media reports that the solicitor is in a romantic relationship with the former soldier, after a judge said the reports had made him “uncomfortable”.  

Ben Roberts-Smith owed record damages after reputation ‘smashed and destroyed’ by Fairfax, court hears
Defamation 2021-06-08 12:57 pm By Cindy Cameronne

Decorated war veteran Ben Roberts-Smith is owed record aggravated damages from Fairfax for publishing allegations of war crimes that it knew was false and decimating his reputation, a court has heard.

‘Corrosive jealousy’ drove allegations against Ben Roberts-Smith, court hears
Defamation 2021-06-07 2:55 pm By Cindy Cameronne

Former soldiers driven by ‘corrosive jealousy’ of Ben Roberts-Smith plotted to take down the Victoria Cross recipient and were aided by “credulous journalists”, a court has heard.

Ben Roberts-Smith accuses ex-wife of accessing email correspondence with lawyers
Defamation 2021-06-04 11:42 pm By Christine Caulfield

The ex-wife of accused war criminal Ben Roberts-Smith may have accessed his email account containing privileged communications with lawyers, a barrister for the former soldier told a judge on the eve of his defamation trial against Nine.

Ben Roberts-Smith sues ex-wife ahead of defamation trial over war crimes allegations
Defamation 2021-06-03 10:30 pm By Christine Caulfield

Accused war criminal Ben Roberts-Smith has brought legal action against his ex-wife, who is set to give evidence for Nine at the upcoming trial in his defamation case against the publisher.

Publishers win access to Ben Roberts-Smith’s medical records as defamation trial looms
Defamation 2021-06-02 9:51 pm By Miklos Bolza

SAS soldier Ben Roberts-Smith has lost a bid to shield his medical records from three publishers less than a week before his high-profile defamation case kicks off in the Federal Court.